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Michèl serves as a catalyst for profound change and remarkable performance improvements. Welcome to a journey of transformation and exceptional growth.

Michèl Keller’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of self-confidence and perseverance. Once trapped in the relentless cycle of working 80 hours a week, Michèl faced a burning question familiar to many: "Why do only a few achieve success while working less?" Years of frustration running a successful business without time for family or self-care led to a pivotal realization: he alone held the power to change his life.
From this epiphany, Michèl embarked on a journey of personal development. Learning from renowned figures like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Ecker, and Jim Rohn, he changed his life, reshaped his beliefs and adopted strategies that lifted him from mediocrity to prosperity. Today, Michèl inspires thousands, partnering with major corporations and empowering entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, trainers, and aspiring leaders worldwide.

Michèl Keller is a highly sought-after international speaker, trainer, coach, and mentor.
He is an expert in communication, success, and excellence. (Certified Coach, NLP Master Trainer, Psychotherapist (DVNLP; IN), BSTA Coach, QL)

The Architect of Success

Michèl's career spans diverse roles—from successful actor, director, and producer in theatre and film/TV to founding multiple companies with over 30 employees. In his current chapter, he focuses on guiding executives, managers, and busy entrepreneurs towards success and a life defined by freedom and choice. For Michèl, the essence of life is living and creating, not just working to pay the bills.
Michèl Keller's methods have enriched the lives of over 1,200 personal clients and influenced more than 50,000 students across 85 countries. His approach enhances communication skills, drives sales growth, and consistently boosts profits by up to 75% in weeks. Beyond his roles as a globally sought-after trainer, speaker, coach, and mentor, Michèl is recognized as a certified coach, NLP Master Trainer, Master Facilitator, and psychotherapist.
Driven by his mission to empower 100,000 edupreneurs, Michèl is dedicated to helping them live a self-determined and fulfilling life, because our lives are too short not to make the most of them. As an accomplished author with two books published and a third in progress, he focuses on guiding individuals prepared to embrace change and elevate their personal and professional lives.
Michèl is the founder of Edupreneur International, an international training and learning environment dedicated to delivering real, transformative results. His commitment to sharing the secrets of effective and successful communication is driven by the belief that in today’s rapidly evolving world, mastering communication is not optional – it’s essential. Effective communication is the cornerstone of personal and business success, impacting not only individuals but their families, partners, and clients.
In a world where economic uncertainty and rising anxiety are becoming the norm, Michèl’s guidance is more crucial than ever. His experience and expertise have shown that while building a business is challenging, it is fundamentally simple with the right strategies and systems. Just as you trust a navigation system to guide you, Michèl’s step-by-step methods can lead you to success.
Now is the time to lay the foundation for your future achievements. Michèl is profoundly grateful to be a catalyst for change, helping people create their ideal futures. Your actions today will shape your tomorrow, creating a ripple effect that extends to your clients and beyond.
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